Unleash the power of King NOPA

Using the methods and tools that come with the NOPA approach – introduced more in detail here – will enable you to unleash a „beast“ of King Kong size that has the potential to successfully defeat nowaday’s challenge I call VUCAzilla.
What do you need to feed the beast called King NOPA? I invite you to read on…

The power of networking
First of all, check your strategies to network with others. Who are you connected with currently? Which are usual ways that you connect with others and get connected? Do you use a face-to-face approach or rather go virtually (e.g. xing or linkedin) or a mixture of both? And how easy do you make it others to get connected with you?
If you want to extend your network you have to start reflecting who you want to get connected with. Which are the precious and valuable contacts that you want to gain in the near future? Put yourself into other’s shoes and think about questions like “Where are they?”, “What are they usually doing?”, “What are their preferences in getting connected?”. Like Woody Allen once said, “going there and meeting them” will increase your probability of success by 50%”. If you do not take the effort (and sometimes a bit of courage) to reach out to others you will never be able to actually maybe get surprised in a positive way. To provide an excellent product or a great service nowadays is – unfortunately – not sufficient anymore. It heavily depends on your network and the list of your contacts if you will be successful.

The power of openness
Secondly, take a step back and think of a situation where somebody gave you feedback in a way that you quite did not like. How did you react? Did you make an effort to stay open-minded or did you simply “shut down” trying to avoid any self-blaming and feelings of shame or guilt? The next time, somebody gives you a feedback with negative implications think of the Spock character in Star Trek and just say, “Fascinating!”. Try to extract a useful aspect out of the feedback you have just received and learn from it. Learning opportunities can be found on a daily business in our lives, but it requires a certain perspective different to the one we usually have. This change of perspective might have a positive impact on your entire way of communicating with others and your self-image.

The power of participation
A wise man (and good speaker) once said, “You can talk about everything, but not for more than 30 minutes.”. Whenever I am part of meetings where a lot of the interaction happens on a 1:n basis (one person speaking, all others just listening) my moderator heart heavily weeps and I wonder, how dare we allow such a waste of resources by not getting participants of meetings engaged, just listening, staying passive? Fortunately, there are already many useful formats available “out there” that enable vivid interaction among members of a group of people getting together. Websites like Liberating structures or Gamestorming offer a great variety of ready-to-use tools for free that maximize the rate of active participation within a group of individuals. These formats enable participants to get engaged, have fun and work together to achieve a successful meeting goal. I strongly encourage you to make use of the two mentioned web sources above (liberating structures and gamestorming) and thereby providing future meetings with lots of interaction, goal-orientation and fun. I guarantee you that your reputation of a moderator that is looked upon with admiration will rise significantly.

The power of agility
At the beginning of the last century, according to Darwin’s evolutionary theory, the fittest – in the sense of strongest – would survive others (less fitter) species. With challenges like the economic crisis and evolving new business models as a consequence of the emerging internet, this model has slightly changed to “Survival of the most agile”. As stated in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), “The person or element with the most flexibility in a system will have the highest influence on others.” In this sense we are questioned in our capability to quickly adapt to changes without losing touch with the values and strategic direction we have once chosen for our path to success. Which tools support your sense of agility? What makes it possible for you to stay flexible in terms of challenges that you face? What needs to happen in the near future for you to keep up a certain degree of flexibility, avoiding rigidness?

I encourage you to try out a few of the ideas and approaches explained above to unleash your very own King NOPA beast to successfully conquer VUCAzilla.

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