The right question

After growing up in a palace, protected from the problems of the world, Siddharta Gautama went out one day and saw two things: an old person that was grievously ill and a dead body. Gautama, who would once be well-known under his more common name “Buddha”, then asked his chariot driver whom these things (illness and death) happened to. He was stunned by the answer: “To everyone, my lord.”
As a consequence, Buddha started to ask questioning his life in a more fundamental way which later caused him to leave his golden palace in order to travel the world and infect others with a way to lead a peaceful life in harmony with the world.


This short anecdote can show us how relevant it is for our lives to ask the right questions. Have you ever had a feeble but existent voice in the back of your head, saying: “Why do you do this? Is it really necessary? Is it useful for you or for others?”.
What did you then do with this voice of yours? Did you shrug it of or did you take it seriously?

From time to time it is for all of us useful to quiet down, to come to a total standstill and to ponder the really important questions, effecting our lives, our values, our fate.

Questions such as

  • What is my destiny?
  • What could make my life really important?
  • What needs for me to happen to lead a fulfilled life?
  • Why am I doing what I am currently doing?

can lead you to an inner wisdom buried deep within you.

The art lies in uncovering the truth that is contained in the answers to the questions above. These truths, of course, are not revealed overnight. Usually it takes many years to find answers that bear a high degree of satisfaction for us individually.

For this it is helpful to establish a conscious change in space and time to make it easier for good answers to reveal themselves to you, meaning: Pick a place or spot that you can find deep quietude in (e.g. outside in nature, in a monastery or on a high mountain). And in addition pick a time interval that allows you to not be impacted by day-to-day tasks or requests from others.

Trust in your subconscious mind to create insights that have meaning for you and that hold a key to your future development and success. All it takes is space, time and a little willingness and patience to let them ascend from the bottom of the lake called your subconsciousness to the surface of your clear awareness.

The truth, your truth has always been there. It may just appear like a shy deer lurking in the twilight, waiting for a trustful impulse from you. By making a deliberate invitation you may succeed in luring the deer into the bright clearing out of the forest of your thoughts. And once the shy animal has shown itself to you, it may offer you a wonderful gift in return – deep insights about your dearest desires.

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