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I was reaching out my hand. From far beyond Mjolnir was coming to me. The sensation to feel the hammer in my hand, was just wonderful. I struck down the hammer into the ground and made an enormous impact.
Thor, the God of Thunder

Have you ever thought your life of being mediocre? Or were you at a certain point in time fed up with average behaviour or performances by others? I find this to be excellent opportunities for deeper reflection in regards to meaning in our lives.

In the way we lead our day-to-day lives or in which we communicate with others, we should focus on the biggest impact we can make.
In my coaching sessions I sometimes start by asking: “Which is currently your biggest challenge that, if it were resolved, would make everything else less urgent and necessary?“.
This is a method that I have copied from Gary W. Keller’s famous book “The ONE Thing”. Basically, he recommends to focus on the biggest obstacle or goal that we can find in all that we do, in our daily tasks, in our correspondence and talks with others or in our way of setting and pursuing future goals.

By asking this question more often, you will benefit from four advantages:

  1. You start using a different frame in your life. You start BIG. It will be difficult for you to reach breakthroughs or come any near a great success if you dream small. You need to increase your dreams and visions like inflating a balloon. Read more on this topic in this blog.
  2. By facing the BIG topics right from the start, you avoid getting caught up in all the small details or aspects that consume a lot of your time but have only peripheral benefit for you (like watching cat videos on youtube).
  3. You start leaving your own comfort zone and walk into territory that maybe new, unfamiliar, yet promising in terms of potential success and maybe even fame.
  4. You get the attention of others and help them to cutting the chase and getting to the really important topics for them (this, of course, requires that you have established a trustful relationship). Eventually, people start to notice you and your work. All you need to do is start asking the right question.

I encourage you to reach out to grasp your own version of Mjolnir, Thors hammer, and to start using it to make a real impact that both electrifies yourself and thrills others around you. Your very personal big dreams enrichen our lives, they inspire us and prompt us to want to support you.

Make an impact and share your dreams with the world!

Thor has spoken.

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