Appetite in transformations

In any given transformation process, individually or within an organization, it is essential for you to focus on the crucial topics to be successful. Metaphorically speaking, there are many impacted people that have a lot of “hunger” that needs to

How to lose yourself in a VUCA world

Activities in our daily (work)life have gotten more and more complex over the past years and decades. Internet, real-time communication and global connectivity have not provided “golden solutions” to this challenge. Read on if you want to find out how

The Magnificent Seven versus VUCA

VUCA is a phenomenon that describes the global situation since the cold world war is over. In this term each letter stands for a specific aspect: V = Volatility. The nature and dynamics of change, and the nature and speed

3 x 3 methods to win over difficult people

From time to time you may meet people that appear extremely difficult to get along with and where you think: “Oh my god, this is a nightmare! It is so frustrating and annoying to work with this person (or group).

How to motivate others well at work

According to a Gallup study circa 70% of employees in the USA say that they have never before received neither praise nor recognition in the workplace. Furthermore the study states that 89% of managers think that money matters have caused

Healing and Reparing of Teams

„Havoc all around. People accusing each other, constantly playing the blame game. Locked in silos, everyone was stuck in problems dazed and confused, feeling humiliated and disrespected. It was a nasty game that started all over again each working Monday.

How you master challenges successfully

You might one day find yourself in a situation where you have the feeling that you appear rather small in comparison to the challenge you are facing. Similar to hanging along a steep cliff challenges might sometimes be a bit

Changing the DNA in organizations

Culture in organizations is something that is usually difficult to grasp, however, has a great impact on everyday lives of each member of a company. What is culture? According to Andrew D. Brown, author of “Organizational culture”, Organization culture is

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