Choose your box wisely

Imagine yourself lying on the death bed, just hours before your soul leaves the physical body to start a journey into eternity. What would you think of reflecting your life and looking back? Will you be satisfied? Will you confirm

The right question

After growing up in a palace, protected from the problems of the world, Siddharta Gautama went out one day and saw two things: an old person that was grievously ill and a dead body. Gautama, who would once be well-known

Cross the Rubicon

Today is a wonderful day in January. A day that may decide my fate. The cowards of the Roman Senate have decided in my absence to dismiss my army and for me to put down my imperium [“right to command”]

El Dorado

92 years ago, a man called Percy Fawcett disappeared with his eldest son during an expedition in search for an ancient lost city. Fawcett has started early in 1906 on his first journey to South America. Since then he never

Summer of love

“…All across the nation, such a strange vibration People in motion There’s a whole generation with a new explanation People in motion, people in motion…” (San Francisco, Scott McKenzie) Forty years ago, there was a global phenomenon going on, later

Murphy’s team laws

Trapped in a paradox. In the following blog article, I list a few of the most significant challenges that often arise in teams from my point of view. Speaking of teams (instead of groups) I roughly define them as: Has

How to live MORE life

In the blog I want MORE in my life! I have illustrated four traps that could hinder you significantly from being able to live a life in high quality and purpose. In the following article I would like to indicate

I want MORE in my life!

…have you ever stated this before as well? Have you ever wondered, what would need to happen to become a “better” person or to live a life that is so much fuller and richer? Have you ever looked at other

Unleash the power of King NOPA

Using the methods and tools that come with the NOPA approach – introduced more in detail here – will enable you to unleash a „beast“ of King Kong size that has the potential to successfully defeat nowaday’s challenge I call

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