King NOPA versus VUCAzilla


You may have heard of the VUCA phenomenon, shaking the foundation of the established industries around the globe. However, you may wonder, what could help against it?
In addition to the Magnificent Seven that might be useful, I have just come across another simple concept called NOPA that I would like to introduce you to in this article.

N as in Networking stands for individuals and groups interacting not only within a certain community but also across hierarchical levels. The more often individuals and groups are networking the more probable that crucial information for an organization is passed around effectively.

Please ask yourself:

  • How often do people from different apartments come together within your organization?
    Is this taking place rather informally or rather within a formal frame?
  • What could you do to let members of your organization interact with each other more often?

O as in Openness stands for an attitude of staying rather open-minded to feedback even if it is against one’s natural point of view. In times of rapid changing business models in the market it is of vital importance to stay broad-minded in order to stay “ahead of the wave” by having several options available.

Please ask yourself:

  • If a seemingly unusal idea is coming up in a business meeting you have attended, how is this treated by the meeting members?
  • What could you do to more often protect the “wild ducks” (= employees with unorthodox points of view) within your organization and give them a platform?

 P as in Participation stands for the intentional act of taking responsibility within a change by taking accountability for certain activities and thereby driving an initiative to keep a transformation on track.

Please ask yourself:

  • How often do you see others in your community taking responsibility for an action that is linked to a change of “the way we used to work”?
  • What could you specifically do to take more initiative to drive changes within your organization?

A as in Agility stands for the capability to act to changes in a highly flexible manner and to adapt rather quickly and effectively.

Please ask yourself:

  • On a scale from 1 (not at all) to 10 (very much): How would you rate the average capability of all your organization’s members in regards to agility?
  • What could you personally do to shift this average rating (question above) one step further towards a ten?

Each of the NOPA elements is an excellent asset to better cope with the negative impacts of the VUCA phenomenon. I invite you to reflect on specific steps to implement more NOPA within your organization.

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