How to lose yourself in a VUCA world


Activities in our daily (work)life have gotten more and more complex over the past years and decades. Internet, real-time communication and global connectivity have not provided “golden solutions” to this challenge.

Read on if you want to find out how you could make it even worse and thereby get lost in a VUCA world…

Change for the sake of change
Start as many change initiatives at the same time as possible. Never finish a thing. Do not care at all about monitoring of success and never celebrate any achievements.

Fail deadlines
Never stick to once agreed on timelines or milestones. Keep others uninformed as long as possible. Do not show any reliability by committing to appointments early or on time. Be late for meetings often or miss them at all.

Be unsustainable
Focus only on the short-term opportunity or profit. Keep away from any strategic work and only be operative in your tasks. Never think about the “tomorrow”, only stay in the “today”.

Foster your insecurity
Cherish being insecure. Keep your (mental) instability at a maximum level. Never be safe of anything. Doubt everything, and participate in speculations all the time.

Distrust, a lot
Never trust anyone. Assume that everybody you meet has a “hidden agenda” working on betraying you behind your back. Put a lot of your effort into controlling other’s activities. Don’t appreciate others, it is just a waste of time.

Send ambiguous messages
If asked on a question answer in one direction but contradict yourself soon afterwards. Make a statement in a certain way, however sending body language signals that appear totally different. In simple terms: Say “yes”, but mean “no” (or vice versa).

Cultivate the chaos
Keep up the complexity on an astronomic level. Never choose a simple path if there is a more difficult one. Stay away from being clear in your communication. Rather express yourself in many formal and laborious words without bringing any message across.


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