El Dorado

92 years ago, a man called Percy Fawcett disappeared with his eldest son during an expedition in search for an ancient lost city. Fawcett has started early in 1906 on his first journey to South America. Since then he never really stopped to search for his “El Dorado” until his presumable death in 1925. In fact, he never found it. It is said that there may be an El Dorado like city in the jungles of Brazil, however, so far it has not been discovered.

We can learn a lot from the life of Percy Fawcett who inspired filmmaker James Gray to write and direct “The Lost City of Z” which made it to the movies in 2016 with actors Charlie Hunnam as Fawcett and Sienna Miller playing Fawcett’s wife Nina. Percy Fawcett collected and applied enormous means and resources to fund his expeditions to eventually find the city in the jungle that he was desperately seeking.

At the end of the film we get to see a scene at a party table back in England with relatives and friends having come together to celebrate. At one point, Nina, Fawcett’s wife raises and starts giving a speech. The following words from her are directly addressed to her beloved husband: “I have written this note half a year ago in case I would die as a consequence of my pregnancy. My Percy, I know your first instinct will be to grieve, but I adjure you rather to consider our son and the love you must show him. I knew it would be a boy. Always teach him to dream, to seek the unknown, to look for what is beautiful is its own reward. And I beg you to remember those words so easy to forget: A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a Heaven for? My dearest love, forever.”

And concluding this article, I would like to connect this little story of Percy Fawcett with your own story. I wish to know:

  • What is your very personal “Lost city in the jungle”, your El Dorado?
  • What is the essence of a deep yearning and desire within you that has not been satisfied so far?
  • Which are aspirations that you have not dared to seriously consider because you thought they are highly unrealistic?

I hereby encourage you to never stop dreaming. Preserve your phantasies and do not allow anybody to forbid or degrade these. In my opinion, you are entitled to pursue your vision and to cherish every single achieved goal on the way. In that sense I dare you to prepare a new expedition in quest of the things you long for.

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