Cross the Rubicon

Today is a wonderful day in January. A day that may decide my fate.
The cowards of the Roman Senate have decided in my absence to dismiss my army and for me to put down my imperium [“right to command”] before I will be allowed to once again run for the consulate. After careful consideration I have decided against this and, on the contrary, lead my forces across the Rubicon towards Rome. I know that this is equal to a declaration of war for the Roman senate and means the death sentence. But I want to take that risk. Now, there is no going back for me. Alea iacta est.

Julius Caesar

Once, you have crossed your personal „Rubicon“ there is no getting back.
This is why I wonder,

  • Which are your resolutions and goals for 2018 that transform you in a way that you „just cannot go back to where you have been before“?
  • What is the „essence of attraction“ to you that lies in your goal and makes it worth to „burn the bridges behind you“?
  • Have you foreseen that you will be a different individual once you have crossed the Rubicon? What will make the difference in your behaviour your way of perceiving the world around you?

Our lives are full of rituals.
To once in a while establish a Crossing-the-Rubicon ritual can support you in creating your life to be more exciting and unique and to develop personal qualities of bravery and determination.

For such a ritual to work effectively, you will require

  • A compelling reason to transform (either as part of a painful feeling that you want to get rid of or as part of something wonderful that you strive for).
  • A vision of what lies at the end of your journey into the unknown. A picture of what you will have achieved once your journey is over.
  • A setting that hinders you from being able to go back.
  • A clear plan for at least the first steps to take on your journey into unchartered territory.
  • A set of beliefs that keep you motivated and on track (most of the things are about psychology!).

And if, one day, you decide to start your journey to cross the Rubicon, be brave, stay open and never lose your focus on the goals that you strive for.
Good luck!

When she transformed into a butterfly, the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty, but of her weirdness. They wanted her to change back into what she always had been.
But now… she had wings.
Dean Jackson

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