Choose your box wisely

Imagine yourself lying on the death bed, just hours before your soul leaves the physical body to start a journey into eternity. What would you think of reflecting your life and looking back?
Will you be satisfied? Will you confirm that you lead a life full of richness, intensity and meaning?
Or will you feel dissatisfied and sad in the face of a life that was often unhappy, meaningless and without success?

In his famous book “The ONE THING”, Gary Keller has described effectively how you can succeed in scaling any activity in a way that you can be more successful, happy and lead a more meaningful life.

For this it is necessary to imagine four different scaling areas as follows:

  • Doable: This is within reach of your knowledge, skills and experience. Most likely to be achieved.
  • Stretch: Within your reach, but at the farthest of your range. You will have to extend yourself to the limits of your current capabilities.
  • Possibility: Far outside of your comfort zone, the answer and path to finding one is still highly unclear. The answer will be a totally new one.
  • Miracle: Your wildest dream, something with big impact for the entire world, a wonderful event taking place.

Applying this simple scaling exercise will enable you to change your perspective from thinking “too small” to thinking broadly and visionary.

I will give you an example.
Imagine somebody who would like to be a hairdresser and who is at the very start of his/her career. If this person applied this exercise, it could look like this:

  • Doable: I will do an apprenticeship in hairdressing and work as a hairdresser in a small shop.
  • Stretch: I will participate in hairdressing competitions, trying to win an award and establish my own business.
  • Possibility: I have founded a global hairdresser chain of more than 500 shops and circa 4.000 employees.
  • Miracle: I am Top-1 hairdresser of many statesmen and CxOs in the corporate world. I became a Millionaire with selling hairdressing products and have supported hundred-thousands of people to gain an enhanced self-confidence by having a great haircut.

Do you see the difference in the way you challenge yourself from step to step?

Try it out and start raising “your game”!

Best of success,
Matthias von Mitzlaff

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