King NOPA versus VUCAzilla

You may have heard of the VUCA phenomenon, shaking the foundation of the established industries around the globe. However, you may wonder, what could help against it? In addition to the Magnificent Seven that might be useful, I have just

Appetite in transformations

In any given transformation process, individually or within an organization, it is essential for you to focus on the crucial topics to be successful. Metaphorically speaking, there are many impacted people that have a lot of “hunger” that needs to

The Magnificent Seven versus VUCA

VUCA is a phenomenon that describes the global situation since the cold world war is over. In this term each letter stands for a specific aspect: V = Volatility. The nature and dynamics of change, and the nature and speed

Changing the DNA in organizations

Culture in organizations is something that is usually difficult to grasp, however, has a great impact on everyday lives of each member of a company. What is culture? According to Andrew D. Brown, author of “Organizational culture”, Organization culture is

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