Summer of love

“…All across the nation, such a strange vibration People in motion There’s a whole generation with a new explanation People in motion, people in motion…” (San Francisco, Scott McKenzie) Forty years ago, there was a global phenomenon going on, later

Unleash the power of King NOPA

Using the methods and tools that come with the NOPA approach – introduced more in detail here – will enable you to unleash a „beast“ of King Kong size that has the potential to successfully defeat nowaday’s challenge I call

How to lose yourself in a VUCA world

Activities in our daily (work)life have gotten more and more complex over the past years and decades. Internet, real-time communication and global connectivity have not provided “golden solutions” to this challenge. Read on if you want to find out how

3 x 3 methods to win over difficult people

From time to time you may meet people that appear extremely difficult to get along with and where you think: “Oh my god, this is a nightmare! It is so frustrating and annoying to work with this person (or group).

How to motivate others well at work

According to a Gallup study circa 70% of employees in the USA say that they have never before received neither praise nor recognition in the workplace. Furthermore the study states that 89% of managers think that money matters have caused

How you master challenges successfully

You might one day find yourself in a situation where you have the feeling that you appear rather small in comparison to the challenge you are facing. Similar to hanging along a steep cliff challenges might sometimes be a bit